Do you struggle to focus and write?

Maybe thinking about starting to write just makes you procrastinate. Or you cannot find the time to do it between all the things in your to-do list. Or perhaps you wish you could write with confidence, knowing what goes where.

I had all of that. And that's why I created something to solve those struggles...

Mindful Scientific Writing

A step-by-step online course for early-career scientists that helps you focus and write an experimental paper you feel great about, and have a frustration-free strategy that motivates you to write over and over!


Does any of this sound like you?

You’re an academic who loves science and you…

  • find writing very hard…”why do all my colleagues seem to find it easier? It’s clear, I am not a good writer!” (not true, by the way).
  • can write very focused for 10 minutes. But then you NEED to check your email, twitter and WhatsApp (aka procrastination). 30 minutes later you go back writing, but you need a coffee urgently… “this is not being a very productive day”.
  • have written one article (or more!), but despite all your efforts, you got back every draft full of red. Now thinking on that red ink gives you shivers, so you’re delaying to send your draft because this time needs to be perfect!
  • have written before and you enjoyed it. But simply don’t have time! There are experiments to be done, students to supervise, classes to teach…”How do others find time to write?”.

If you raised your hand for any of the things listed above, let me tell you something…

You’re not alone!

Doing research, academic life, and especially writing, is TOUGH. And yet so many scientists just swallow the struggle and continue writing with the same methods that are not working for them. 


You’re in luck because I’ve made something for you. Now let me introduce you to the…

Mindful Scientific Writing

Mindful Scientific Writing course

A step-by-step program for early-career scientists that helps you focus and write an experimental paper you feel great about, and have a frustration-free strategy that motivates you to write over and over!

Proudly trusted by scholars at

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scientific writing guide
scientific writing guide
scientific writing guide
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scientific writing guide
Mindful Scientific Writing

I have made this program in a way that when you finish it, you’ll …

  • have a draft of your article, and you’ll be confident and proud of what you have achieved!
  • look forward to sitting and writing your science because you now have the skills and know exactly what actionable steps you need to focus and start & finish ALL your papers.
  • make writing a PRIORITY and make TIME for it with your new productivity skills. End result? You'll be more productive with your writing and still time to enjoy your free time!
  • have discovered a community of scientists with a similar vision of the academic life! One that respects the humans inside a lab more than the work (the community aspect is especially strong in the SUPPORTED version)
  • learn how to respond to your mental struggles with your new mindful approach to the academic life. This is a unique aspect of this program that you don’t see often in a scientific writing course!
Mindful Scientific Writing

Ready to get started? 

You can choose between two different formats, and below you'll find information about the different components:


You receive access to the full CURRICULUM in the online platform where all the videos and materials are hosted. The course is designed so you can go at your own pace, first watching one of the lessons, and then implementing what you've learned with the help of the workbook and extra materials. 

​And you'll have access to our special BONUSES! Including 3-month access to a monthly Q&A group call in Zoom to answer all your questions (in July, August and December there will be no calls).


If you're searching for extra support, this is your package! On top of what the self-study version includes, you'll also have access for 2 months, to our co-working and mentoring paid membership SUSTAIN. Keep reading to see what that extra SUPPORT includes. And if you like it, you can extend your membership and continue working together.

The end result: an awesome manuscript that you will be proud of and a system, crafted to your needs, to write all your papers with confidence and focus.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Mindful Scientific Writing


You'll have access to our online platform where you can watch at your own pace the video lessons. These lessons are structured in 4 modules, each with several short video lessons of ca. 10 min for easy watching. Each lesson includes points for you to take action: writing parts of your paper, planning your time, or reflecting on the workbook. You'll also receive materials like workbooks, planners and extra resources.

This is the main content of each module:

Module 1


  • Creating the right environment and mindset to start writing
  • Fundaments and mind traps of writing style
  • On finding inspiration

Module 2


  • Time management and productivity
  • A marketing approach to writing your title and abstract
  • The end of procrastination

Module 3


  • Edit and revise your full manuscript
  • Scientific integrity
  • Designing impactful visual materials

Module 4


  • Open data & publication
  • Writing with others
  • Dealing with impostor syndrome and other mind blocks

Once you join the Mindful Scientific Writing course, you get lifetime access to all of the course materials – which means you can go at your own pace, or take a break and come back to it when you’re ready. Past students keep telling me they love having the materials to go through again!

Mindful Scientific Writing
Mindful Scientific Writing

Jess Kansman

Post-doc researcher, Penn State, US


My main struggle was managing stress and anxiety while writing. In this course I have learned how important writing in a relaxed state is for my productivity. Now I exchange scrolling on my phone for reading a book, taking a walk, or doing a meditation. I feel since then I have better ideas, make less mistakes, and enjoy the process more. I feel like I have a writing plan that I can implement- and that helps me a lot! Now I have a true approach and philosophy around writing that I am confident about.

Mindful Scientific Writing

Jamin Ali

PhD candidate, Keele University, UK


I have learned a lot from this course, especially about how to organise each section and their content. That was my main challenge before joining “Mindful Scientific Writing”.  After attending this course, I found myself as a motivated person, and I feel writing is not a daunting process if you get proper guidance and write every day! I strongly recommend this course, especially for early-career scientists. 

Mindful Scientific Writing

Isabel Belda

PhD candidate, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Spain

In this course I have learned the importance of having a routine, schedule my time, practice free writing and lot of tips! I used to have problems to organize my time in a productive way, and have clear words in my mind to write. Now I am more efficient in my writing and more productive in general. And I feel more confident about my writing!

Mindful Scientific Writing

Xiangyu Liu

PhD candidate, Leiden University, Netherlands

When I joined this course I had no idea of how to write an article and always felt negative about my research. Now I know some tricks to improve my writing and more importantly, to stay positive about my results, which can inspire and be useful for other scientists. An important change is that I keep writing almost every workday. Sometimes I just do some easy writing to continue my work. And the next day, I find it's not that bad and improve it!


This is an example of the Bonuses you may get!


Mindful Scientific Writing

Meditation is probably the simplest thing you can do to take care of your mental strength while boosting your focus and creativity.

You will have 5 guided meditations to help you overcome the most common struggles scientists suffer: fear of failure, impostor syndrome, lack of inspiration, uncertainty about the future, and creativity.


And don’t worry, you don’t need to have meditated before! I even published this article in Nature to help you with a simple your meditation routine.


Mindful Scientific Writing

As part of the mindful aspect of the course, moving your body is crucial as a self-care act. Yoga can provide you with unique benefits, especially after working a full day in front of a computer.

I have designed for you several classes for all levels including 5 office yoga classes of less than 15 min to do behind your desk, one slow-flow class to start the day with movement, or a more relaxing class to end up the day and reset your mind.

Demystifying the publishing process

Mindful Scientific Writing

In this bonus masterclass, you’ll have an insider view of the publishing process from submitting your article, handling reviewers' comments, to having it accepted and beyond.

I’ll share the common mistakes I often see as a reviewer and editor of Journal of Ecology, so you won’t make those mistakes that often delay the publication process.

And you’ll have a template of a cover, rebuttal and appeal letter!

3 Q&A calls

Mindful Scientific Writing

For 3 months, you can attend our monthly Q&A group call in Zoom. That will usually happen on the last Thursday of the month at 18.30 (Madrid time)/ 12.30 ET. I'll answer any questions about writing and productivity you may have! If you cannot attend, you can still submit your questions and then watch the replay of the call. Note that in July, August and December there are no calls.

Mindful Scientific Writing


When you join the SUPPORTED version of the program, these are the extra components of SUSTAIN that you'll enjoy for 2 months. For the schedule, you can have a look here at the electronic calendar for the coming months! Please note that during July, August, and December, this support stops. But you can still enrol in the course at any time and start going through the online curriculum.

Mindful Scientific Writing


These are sessions designed for you to FOCUS. You can use them to watch the lessons and do the exercises, or to advance on any other tasks that are priority for your career. Some students write their papers, grant proposals, job applications or analyse data!


They are 2-hour sessions where we meet in Zoom in a group setting, and in silence, we work. There are 3 sessions per week (below you have a schedule), facilitated by me or one of our editors. And one non-facilitated.

There are 4 sessions to offer several opportunities for you to join, but the most common is to join 2 per week (like the gym, don't think about all the classes you cannot attend, look at the ones you can go to!).

Mindful Scientific Writing


I'll facilitate one co-working session each week, and during that time I'm in a breakout room for a private chat. You can have at least 1 private meeting with me per month (more if there is space!). At the end of the session, we have a group Q&A session for ca. 20 min.​


We'll also have 1 mentoring group call each month where we discuss the topics you raise. If you cannot attend this call, you can send me your questions in advance and you can watch later the replay video.

Last but not least, we'll also have a private slack channel with all the students where you can share thoughts, ideas, or ask any question!

Mindful Scientific Writing


The courses of "I focus and write" keep bringing together a really nice community of scientists. From PhD candidates to assistant Professors. And you'll be part of that community where you will not feel alone anymore in your struggles! This aspect is something that past students love! (you can read more in their testimonials).

You'll meet during "coffee chats" in a small accountability group (4-5 students), but also interact in Slack and during the co-working sessions.

Mindful Scientific Writing


We, are also Alison Haughton and Judith Pell, two amazing editors with a unique experience behind their backs. Alison and Judith have more than 15 years of research experience (working in Rothamstead, UK). They have supervised their own PhD candidates, currently are editors in the journals Weed Science and Biological Control, and have edited dozens of papers as freelance science editors.

You can have Alison’s or Judith's feedback in a short piece of text each month. Examples are a set of titles to help you choose the best one, an abstract, the first or the last paragraph of the Introduction or Discussion, highlights of the paper, or a model paragraph of the results.

Then, you can also schedule one 20-min private call per month with whoever revised your text to discuss any writing doubts or the feedback you got on your text (highly recommended!).​


Here below you have a sample schedule. But for the updated version, you can have a look here.

Mindful Scientific Writing

Ready to write your article?

Sign up now and get immediate access to the online platform, plus all this below!

The supported part of the program starts the 4th of October 🎊


  • Lifetime access to the Mindful Scientific Writing curriculum
  • Bonus 1: Demystifying the publishing process
  • Bonus 2: Office Yoga
  • Bonus 3: Meditation for scientists
  • Bonus 4: 3x Q&A group calls


  • Everything in the self-study version, plus:
  • 2 months of 4 weekly co-working sessions
  • 2 months of mentoring with me (in group calls and 2x private chats)
  • Feedback and discussion on 2 small pieces of text
  • An amazing community to interact with in Slack and Zoom


Pay in full

397 €



3 payments of

147 €




Pay in full

597 €



3 payments of

217 €


Why you’ll love working with me? 

Hey, I’m Ana, and…

I am a scientist studying plants, microbes, insects and their ecology, and I am also crazy about the benefits of meditation. I spent years working in Wageningen (The Netherlands), writing articles in top institutions, and supervising happy students during their writing. But also revising and editing scientific articles for several high impact journals. 

And I struggled, A LOT. But I also learned from it, as well as my students and I want that you realize that the struggles are normal and part of the process. And that you can win from those struggles and keep writing until you have a paper that you’re proud of.  

Mindful Scientific Writing

My entire life I have been fascinated about PEOPLE around me. Including my colleagues, scientists I had a chat in a conference or those whose articles I reviewed. And I always thought what makes them or their work unique? What are their strengths as a person or in the articles they write? And for those I felt closer in my heart: What are their struggles and how can I help them? And I have poured the best of everything I know about writing as a scientist over the past 15 years, and about mindfulness as a yoga teacher, into this scientific writing course.

Mindful Scientific Writing

Andrea Catalina Fajardo

PhD candidate, University of Hamburg, Germany


I had the famous writer's white page block. I was always scared of the next word I needed to write. And it was quite difficult to make a real separation between me as a person and my writing as part of my PhD work. Now after this course, I do not feel scared of writing anymore. I focus on more doable and smaller tasks. Thus, I do not get that much stress and my writing is not done only one day before a deadline. My favorite aspect was the combination of mindset, mindfulness with the actual task of writing. Additionally, Ana is an amazing tutor who makes constant effort to make sure that we all have a fulfilling experience.

Mindful Scientific Writing

Javier Lidoy
PhD candidate, CSIC, Spain

Before I joined this course, I could not understand the scientific article as a whole. My writing seemed patchy as I drew inspiration from a multitude of different articles and resources.

Now I have a clear picture of the different parts of the article, and how they come together. I also love that I can access the online resources whenever I need them. As a result, I managed to finish the first draft of my article in a record time! And I am very grateful for that. 

Mindful Scientific Writing

Haymanti Saha

PhD candidate, NIOO-KNAW, The Netherlands


My main struggle was that I didn’t know how to strategically write a paper, how to write in a sound scientific way, and how to manage my time so I could write. In the course I’ve learned that writing is a craft that needs to be practiced and that i am not the only one who is struggling to write. The biggest “a-ha” I got was learning to recognize the knowledge gap that my paper is filling. Now I have become more disciplined and more aware of what and how I write.

Mindful Scientific Writing

Gbadamassi Dossa

Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences


This course was a game-changer for me. I can proudly say I am now better equipped to write more efficiently but also know better how to guide my students. I used to struggle to write consistently, stay focused and to write powerful introduction and discussion sections. Now I’ve learned that these sections have a structure that eases their writing and empowers their content. And finally, I now have tips at each step to boost my writing, and do it mindfully. My favourite aspects were the video calls which gave plenty of time to ask questions. And also know that my struggles were not specific to me only but common to anyone in academia. I feel motivated when others facing the same struggles are overcoming them…I then realize that I can do it as well!

Are you ready?


Mindful Scientific Writing

For who is this course?

The Mindful Scientific Writing course is for you if you want to write an experimental article that you’re happy with and have a system to do it over and over. You’re gonna love this course if…

  • you struggle with different aspects of being a scientist, and you wish you knew how to manage it.
  • you’re done wasting time trying tips you found on random websites, feeling overwhelmed, and not sure if you’re doing things right. You want a system that works!
  • you want to learn how to manage your TIME and your writing more productively.
  • you’re interested in how mindfulness and meditation can benefit your productivity when writing  but you don’t know where to begin.

But to be honest, this course is probably not for you if you’re searching for:

  • Individualized attention. Even in the supported version, I do my best on supporting you whenever you need help and creating an intimate feeling. But please note that this is a group program.
  • Technical aspects and theory of scientific writing, such as how to avoid the passive form or the use of phrasal verbs. Although in this course we will look at some technical aspects of writing, the focus is more on what goes in where, common mistakes and how to avoid them, and behavioral aspects of scientific writing so you can implement fast what you learn.​
  • English language. The course is taught in English, but it does not include lessons on learning or improving the language. If you feel that’s your main struggle, I think there are better courses for you. 

Mindful Scientific Writing
Mindful Scientific Writing



Absolutely. Most early-career scientists end up suffering a delay in defending their Ph.D. thesis or finding the next job later on. And issues with writing and time management are often at the core of that delay. If this course helps you to avoid even a one-month delay (and it will help you with that and far more), the investment is fully worthy. Now, just do the math.  


This course is the equivalent of a 20-h course you'd do in person. That time is distributed in around 10 hours of video lessons, 4 hours of Q&A calls, and 6 hours of filling the workbooks and doing the exercises. If you choose the supported version we'll have many more hours together. And those hours will be mostly in co-working sessions working on your own work, and around 4 extra hours of mentoring with me or our editors.


If you came all this way, it is! I did several “soft skill” courses myself as a postdoc, and I always learned something useful. Probably I’ll tell you some things you already know, but others will be new to you! Plus, an important aspect is also the accountability you’ll get (often not so much in this middle career stage). In the last editions, 24% of the students were post-docs and 16% assistant professors, and their feedback was very positive!


No. First, I have the help of other editors for revising your text. In the supported version you can get personal feedback on key parts of the manuscript to help you start. I recommend you to ask for feedback on sections where, as an editor and reviewer I often see scientists making mistakes: title, abstract, and introduction.


The principles of the course apply to any research field, similar to what happens to most scientific writing books. The specific examples I show from manuscripts, and of course my personal stories around science are from my research field (Ecology, Entomology, Plant Sciences, Agriculture). If you want a number, around 15% of the slides you'll see in the videos are examples from those topics. The rest is explained in general terms that can apply to any STEM field.


You’ll need to check this with your supervisor (plus probably some sort of approval to take a course during your working hours). In my experience, you may get a full or partial funding for this type of courses, but that's out of my control ;)   


No. Due to the limited spots in the course, I cannot offer a refund. If you are doubting whether joining or not, please send me an email explaining your situation. I’ll do my best to help you make a decision!

Do you have a question that is not answered here? Or would you like to discuss you situation? Just drop me an email at

Mindful Scientific Writing

If you want to read more about what other students say...

Mindful Scientific Writing

Anna Feit
Full Professor
Saarland University, Germany


When I joined this course I was struggling to keep up the motivation for writing and all my other tasks. Now I’ve learned to prioritize important tasks like writing, rather than checking emails and working on quick reward tasks that have little impact. The course (among other things like my daily meditations) also helped me at being nicer to myself, accepting the imperfect, and realizing what I achieve every day. After this course, I changed my work schedule, got more organized, and feel more motivated!

Mindful Scientific Writing

Teresa Quijano

PhD candidate, Universidad de Yucatan-CSIC, Mexico-Spain

Before I started the Mindful Scientific course, my main struggle was the insecurity about the accuracy of my sentences and thoughts. Now, I realize that my ideas are good and that my writing although no perfect is good enough. For me, it was a matter of confidence that I could overcome when I started to write every day, and when I realized that these insecurities are quite common. As a result, I am now more fluent in my writing and I get "stuck" much less! And with that, I manage my time better and I am more productive

Mindful Scientific Writing

Ximena Cibils-Stewart
Adjunt researcher,
National Institute of Agricultural Research, Uruguay


This course has helped me with my main struggle to organize the ideas I wanted to write and work more productively during the writing progress. I’ve learned how meditation and positive feedback are important for my process of writing mainly by helping with my impostor syndrome. I loved to identify my golden hours, to fight against anxiety and impostor syndrome, to organize my thoughts, and most importantly to STOP multitasking to improve my productivity. The Pomodoro method and meditations have helped me a LOT!!!! Thanks :)

Mindful Scientific Writing

Elena Lloret
PhD candidate
Institute of Marine Sciences - CSIC, Spain


I liked everything about this course. It has fantastic lectures and you can rewatch them as many times as you want. Not to mention that the tips that were shared during the course were amazing and I have already implemented many of them in my daily work. And last, by not least, Ana is such a joyful and positive person, she helps you feel engaged and motivated while learning and improving. I will definitely repeat a course with her and would recommend this writing course to everyone in the early, and not-so-early scientific path!

Mindful Scientific Writing

Gabriel Souba

PhD candidate, University of Alicante, Spain


This course changed my life.  To future students: this is an amazing program to channel all your insight potential into scientific writing. It will guide you through steps on how to focus and make the most of your research when preparing a paper, even if you think you already know how to do it.

Mindful Scientific Writing

Elly Morrien

Assisstant Professor, University of Amsterdam


I joined this course because I was struggling to find time to write. And I have learned how to create that time, and write effectively. Especially practicing free-writing, which has been very productive for me!

Mindful Scientific Writing

Sandra Martínez

PhD candidate, University of Alicante, Spain

This course brings an innovative perspective to do and publish science. These strategies also helped me with the common challenges of writing a paper as a Ph.D. candidate. I’d do this course again because I see that depending on the professional and personal moment you’re in, you can always learn new things. And working with Ana is pleasure…she is professional and at the same time spreads very personal energy!

Mindful Scientific Writing

Saioa Legarrea
Postdoctoral researcher
University of Georgia, USA


When I joined this course I was facing big uncertainty which made it difficult to focus on the manuscript and stop procrastinating. Now I have become more self-conscious of the writing process and I gained valuable tools for a better writing experience. Also, I managed to change some lines of thought that were not positive for me and instead, focus on the progress of writing.

Are you still not sure if this is for you?

Send me an email at explaining your situation and doubts and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


Just by purchasing this program, your manuscript won’t materialize out of thin air. You’ll have to actually do the work. Your results may vary depending on your writing skills, the time you spend on the course, and the complexity of your work.

scientific writing guide